Guava 1kg


Guavas contain just 30 calories per serving and yet offer almost four times the protein that you would get from any other fruit. Packed with vitamin A, C, folate, flavonoids, as well as lycopene. All this makes it a vitamin-rich fruit which helps the body build up resistance towards infection. Since guava is quite fibrous, it helps to cleanse the digestive system. Guavas are known to fight problems like vertigo and combat the dizziness experienced during pregnancy.


Guavas are native to South America where they have been growing for centuries. Soft, sweet and fragrant, this fruit belongs to the myrtle family. Each fruit is packed with phyto-nutrients that make it a great snack. Fresho brings you an assortment of these guavas that are farm fresh, crunchy and juicy. Just wash them and bite in to enjoy the deliciousness.


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